100 Fresh Movies You Can Watch for Free Online Right Now

Vudu, YouTube, and Crackle will hook you up with Fresh-rated movies just for watching some streaming ads.

by | July 8, 2019 | Comments

(Photo by Warner Bros.)

If you’re limiting your streaming subscriptions or simply can’t afford all of the pay services, sites like Crackle, Vudu, and YouTube all have free movies available. The only catch: You have to watch ads.

On the plus side, while there are commercial interruptions, the movies are not edited for content like they are on broadcast channels. You can still watch uncut movies and with fewer total interruptions than television airings.

A number of the movies available for free are already TV movies or made-for-video fare, but there are plenty of well-known titles if you go deep enough. Rotten Tomatoes did some digging and sorted through the free catalogs of Vudu, YouTube, and Crackle to find the 100 best movies available to watch for free right now. These films, all Fresh on the Tomatometer, include Oscar winners, blockbusters, comedy classics, informative documentaries, and family favorites — all available to watch for free.

Check out our list to find something new to watch without paying rental or subscription fees.

September 2019 update: My Beautiful Laundrette, In the Line of Fire, The Secret of NIMH, Blue Velvet, An Education, Three Kings, 48 Hrs., Funny Girl, El Mariachi, Midnight in Paris, Witness, Borat, Cutter’s Way, The People Vs. Larry Flynt, Arbitrage, The Big Short, Devil in a Blue Dress, F/X, Get On the Bus, House of Flying Daggers, Bugsy, The Exorcist, Get Low

Nas: Time Is Illmatic (2014) 100%

Critics Consensus: Comprehensive yet brisk, Nas: Time Is Illmatic offers an absorbing look at a hip-hop classic and the life of the artist who made it.

Where to Stream: Vudu, YouTube

The Terminator (1984) 100%

Critics Consensus: With its impressive action sequences, taut economic direction, and relentlessly fast pace, it’s clear why The Terminator continues to be an influence on sci-fi and action flicks.

Where to Stream: YouTube

Short Term 12 (2013) 98%

Critics Consensus: Short Term 12 is an emphatic, revealing drama that pulls audiences into the perspective of neglected youths.

Where to Stream: Vudu

Before Midnight (2013) 97%

Critics Consensus: Building on the first two installments in Richard Linklater’s well-crafted Before trilogy, Before Midnight offers intelligent, powerfully acted perspectives on love, marriage, and long-term commitment.

Where to Stream: Crackle

Being Evel (2015) 97%

Critics Consensus: Insightful and swiftly paced, Being Evel is an entertaining, well-crafted overview of an unforgettable character.

Where to Stream: Vudu

My Beautiful Laundrette (1985) 97%

Critics Consensus: My Beautiful Laundrette is fast and all over the place because it has so much to say, and show, including a highly watchable fresh-faced Daniel Day-Lewis.

Where to Stream: VuduVudu

Night of the Living Dead (1968) 97%

Critics Consensus: George A. Romero’s debut set the template for the zombie film, and features tight editing, realistic gore, and a sly political undercurrent.

Where to Stream: Vudu

Citizenfour (2014) 96%

Critics Consensus: Part real-life thriller, part sobering examination of 21st century civil liberties, Citizenfour transcends ideology to offer riveting, must-see cinema.

Where to Stream: Vudu

The Dish (2001) 96%

Critics Consensus: A feel good movie without an abundance of mush.

Where to Stream: Vudu

Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994) 96%

Critics Consensus: While frothy to a fault, Four Weddings and a Funeral features irresistibly breezy humor, and winsome performances from Hugh Grant and Andie MacDowell.

Where to Stream: Vudu, YouTube

Ghost in the Shell (1996) 96%

Critics Consensus: A stunning feat of modern animation, Ghost in the Shell offers a thoughtful, complex treat for anime fans, as well as a perfect introduction for viewers new to the medium.

Where to Stream: Vudu

In the Line of Fire (1993) 96%

Critics Consensus: A straightforward thriller of the highest order, In the Line of Fire benefits from Wolfgang Peterson’s taut direction and charismatic performances from Clint Eastwood and John Malkovich.

Where to Stream: CrackleCrackle

The Iron Giant (1999) 96%

Critics Consensus: The endearing Iron Giant tackles ambitious topics and complex human relationships with a steady hand and beautifully animated direction from Brad Bird.

Where to Stream: Vudu

Osama (2004) 96%

Critics Consensus: Osama is bitterly honest, deeply disturbing, and utterly worth watching.

Where to Stream: Vudu

Places in the Heart (1984) 96%

Critics Consensus: Places in the Heart is a quiet character piece with grand ambitions that it more than fulfills, thanks to absorbing work from writer-director Robert Benton and a tremendous cast.

Where to Stream: Crackle

The Secret of NIMH (1982) 96%

Critics Consensus: The Secret of NIMH is a dark, well-told tale that respects its young audience enough to not tone down its subject matter.

Where to Stream: VuduVuduVudu

Blue Velvet (1986) 95%

Critics Consensus: If audiences walk away from this subversive, surreal shocker not fully understanding the story, they might also walk away with a deeper perception of the potential of film storytelling.

Where to Stream Vudu

The Queen of Versailles (2012) 95%

Critics Consensus: The Queen of Versailles is a timely, engaging, and richly drawn portrait of the American Dream improbably composed of equal parts compassion and schadenfreude.

Where to Stream: YouTube

The Remains of the Day (1993) 95%

Critics Consensus: Smart, elegant, and blessed with impeccable performances from Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson, The Remains of the Day is a Merchant-Ivory classic.

Where to Stream: Crackle

Sing Street (2016) 95%

Critics Consensus: Sing Street is a feel-good musical with huge heart and irresistible optimism, and its charmimg cast and hummable tunes help to elevate its familiar plotting.

Where to Stream: Vudu

Drug War (2013) 94%

Critics Consensus: A taut, solidly constructed action thriller with uncommon intelligence, Drug War delivers exhilarating set pieces without skimping on sophisticated filmmaking.

Where to Stream: YouTube

An Education (2009) 94%

Critics Consensus: Though the latter part of the film may not appeal to all, An Education is a charming coming-of-age tale powered by the strength of relative newcomer Carey Mulligan’s standout performance.

Where to Stream: CrackleCrackle

The Guard (2011) 94%

Critics Consensus: A violent, crackerjack comedy with a strong Irish flavor and an eminently likable Brendan Gleeson in the main role.

Where to Stream: Crackle

Lone Star (1996) 94%

Critics Consensus: Smart and absorbing, Lone Star represents a career high point for writer-director John Sayles — and ’90s independent cinema in general.

Where to Stream: Vudu

Richard III (1995) 94%

Critics Consensus: This re-imagining of Shakespeare’s Crookback King relocates the story in 1930 and features an indelible star turn for Ian McKellen as the monstrous and magnetic King Richard.

Where to Stream: Vudu

Three Kings (1999) 94%

Critics Consensus: Three Kings successfully blends elements of action, drama, and comedy into a thoughtful, exciting movie on the Gulf War.

Where to Stream: Vudu

Duma (2005) 93%

Critics Consensus: This is an old-fashioned, richly textured family film that will appeal to children and adults alike.

Where to Stream: Vudu

Elite Squad: The Enemy Within (2011) 93%

Critics Consensus: Elite Squad: The Enemy Within is a bleak, violent descent into the Brazilian underbelly, ripping into the favelas with unstoppable and kinetic force.

Where to Stream: Vudu

A Fish Called Wanda (1988) 93%

Critics Consensus: Smartly written, smoothly directed, and solidly cast, A Fish Called Wanda offers a classic example of a brainy comedy with widespread appeal.

Where to Stream: YouTube

48 HRS (1982) 93%

Critics Consensus: Marking an auspicious feature film debut for Eddie Murphy, 48 Hrs. is a briskly paced action comedy that succeeds largely due to the outstanding chemistry between its two leads.

Where to Stream: Crackle

Funny Girl (1968) 93%

Critics Consensus: Barbara Streisand elevates this otherwise rote melodramatic musical with her ultra-memorable star turn as Fanny Brice.

Where to Stream: Crackle

Hugo (2011) 93%

Critics Consensus: Hugo is an extravagant, elegant fantasy with an innocence lacking in many modern kids’ movies, and one that emanates an unabashed love for the magic of cinema.

Where to Stream: Vudu

Looper (2012) 93%

Critics Consensus: As thought-provoking as it is thrilling, Looper delivers an uncommonly smart, bravely original blend of futuristic sci-fi and good old-fashioned action.

Where to Stream: Crackle

El Mariachi (1993) 93%

Critics Consensus: Made on a shoestring budget, El Mariachi‘s story is not new. However, the movie has so much energy that it’s thoroughly enjoyable.

Where to Stream: CrackleCrackle

Midnight in Paris (2011) 93%

Critics Consensus: It may not boast the depth of his classic films, but the sweetly sentimental Midnight in Paris is funny and charming enough to satisfy Woody Allen fans.

Where to Stream: CrackleCrackleCrackle

No Man's Land (2001) 93%

Critics Consensus: Bleak and darkly humorous, No Man’s Land vividly illustrates the absurdity of war.

Where to Stream: Vudu

The Squid and the Whale (2005) 93%

Critics Consensus: This is a piercingly honest, acidly witty look at divorce and its impact on a family.

Where to Stream: Crackle

Thief (1981) 93%

Critics Consensus: Thief is an invigorating cut of neon noir – proudly pulpy, steeped in authenticity, and powered by a swaggering James Caan at the peak of his charisma.

Where to Stream: Vudu

Amores Perros (2001) 92%

Critics Consensus: The brutality of Amores Perros may be difficult to watch at times, but this intense, gritty film packs a hard wallop.

Where to Stream: Vudu

Election (1999) 92%

Critics Consensus: Election successfully combines dark humor and intelligent writing in this very witty and enjoyable film.

Where to Stream: Vudu

Mystery Road (2013) 92%

Critics Consensus: Mystery Road evokes classic Westerns while using its Australian outback setting to delve into a surprisingly layered — and powerfully impactful — array of social issues.

Where to Stream: YouTube

Super Size Me (2004) 92%

Critics Consensus: Entertaining doc about the adverse effects of eating fast food.

Where to Stream: YouTube

Witness (1985) 92%

Critics Consensus: A wonderfully entertaining thriller within an unusual setting, with Harrison Ford delivering a surprisingly emotive and sympathetic performance.

Where to Stream: Vudu

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan (2006) 91%

Critics Consensus: Part satire, part shockumentary, Borat gets high-fives almost all-around for being offensive in the funniest possible way. Jagshemash!

Where to Stream: CrackleCrackleCrackle

Cutter's Way (1981) 91%

Critics Consensus: A suitably cynical neo-noir that echoes the disillusionment of its era, Cutter’s Way relies on character-driven drama further elevated by the work of an outstanding cast.

Where to Stream: Vudu

Faults (2015) 91%

Critics Consensus: Faults explores the cult dynamic to fascinating effect, bolstered by an outstanding cast and sharp work from writer-director Riley Stearns.

Where to Stream: Vudu

The Big Picture (1989) 91%

Critics Consensus: The Big Picture aims at targets that might not be familiar to viewers who aren’t well-versed in movie-biz chicanery, but hits most of them so solidly that laughter is the only option.

Where to Stream: Crackle

Panic (2000) 91%

Critics Consensus: This quirky little film about a gangster in therapy feels fresh and well-crafted.

Where to Stream: Vudu

The Return of the Living Dead (1985) 91%

Critics Consensus: A punk take on the zombie genre, Return of the Living Dead injects a healthy dose of ’80s silliness to the flesh consuming.

Where to Stream: Vudu

Stand by Me (1986) 91%

Critics Consensus: Stand By Me is a wise, nostalgic movie with a weird streak that captures both Stephen King’s voice and the trials of growing up.

Where to Stream: Crackle

Up in the Air (2009) 91%

Critics Consensus: Led by charismatic performances by its three leads, director Jason Reitman delivers a smart blend of humor and emotion with just enough edge for mainstream audiences.

Where to Stream: Vudu

Waiting for Guffman (1996) 91%

Critics Consensus: This riotously deadpan mockumentary about aspiring community theater performers never stoops to ridicule oft-ridiculous characters.

Where to Stream: Vudu

Koyaanisqatsi - Life Out of Balance (1983) 90%

Critics Consensus: Koyaanisqatsi combines striking visuals and a brilliant score to produce a viewing experience that manages to be formally daring as well as purely entertaining.

Where to Stream: Vudu

Philomena (2013) 90%

Critics Consensus: Based on a powerful true story and led by note-perfect performances from Judi Dench and Steve Coogan, Philomena offers a profoundly affecting drama for adult filmgoers of all ages.

Where to Stream: Vudu

Safety Not Guaranteed (2012) 90%

Critics Consensus: Safety Not Guaranteed‘s ostensibly modest ambitions are outmatched by the movie’s strong performances, beguiling charm, and heartfelt story.

Where to Stream: Crackle

The Big Easy (1987) 89%

Critics Consensus: Loaded with atmosphere and drenched in the sizzling chemistry between Dennis Quaid and Ellen Barkin, The Big Easy remains one of the strongest — and steamiest — thrillers of the 1980s.

Where to Stream: Vudu

Ginger Snaps (2001) 89%

Critics Consensus: The strong female cast and biting satire of teenage life makes Ginger Snaps far more memorable than your average werewolf movie — or teen flick.

Where to Stream: Vudu

The People Vs. Larry Flynt (1996) 89%

Critics Consensus: The People Vs. Larry Flynt pays entertaining tribute to an irascible iconoclast with a well-constructed biopic that openly acknowledges his troublesome flaws.

Where to Stream: Crackle

After Hours (1985) 88%

Critics Consensus: Bursting with frantic energy and tinged with black humor, After Hours is a masterful — and often overlooked — detour in Martin Scorsese’s filmography.

Where to Stream: Vudu

Arbitrage (2012) 88%

Critics Consensus: Arbitrage is both a tense thriller and a penetrating character study, elevated by the strength of a typically assured performance from Richard Gere.

Where to Stream: Vudu

Bernie (2012) 88%

Critics Consensus: Richard Linklater’s Bernie is a gently told and unexpectedly amusing true-crime comedy that benefits from an impressive performance by Jack Black.

Where to Stream: Vudu

The Big Short (2015) 88%

Critics Consensus: The Big Short approaches a serious, complicated subject with an impressive attention to detail — and manages to deliver a well-acted, scathingly funny indictment of its real-life villains in the bargain.

Where to Stream: Vudu

Devil in a Blue Dress (1995) 88%

Critics Consensus: Humor, interesting characters, and attention to details make the stylish Devil in a Blue Dress an above average noir.

Where to Stream: Crackle

Donnie Brasco (1997) 88%

Critics Consensus: A stark, nuanced portrait of life in organized crime, bolstered by strong performances from Al Pacino and Johnny Depp.

Where to Stream: Crackle

F/X (1986) 88%

Critics Consensus: Smart, twisty, and perfectly cast, the effects-assisted neo-noir F/X reminds viewers that a well-told story is the most special effect of all.

Where to Stream: Vudu

Five Easy Pieces (1970) 88%

Critics Consensus: An important touchstone of the New Hollywood era, Five Easy Pieces is a haunting portrait of alienation that features one of Jack Nicholson’s greatest performances

Where to Stream: Crackle

Get on the Bus (1996) 88%

Critics Consensus: Get on the Bus finds Spike Lee pulling a page from history with fervor and flair, offering a strong, stirring fact-based drama further elevated by an array of solid performances.

Where to Stream: Crackle

House of Flying Daggers (2004) 88%

Critics Consensus: The visual splendor of the movie makes up for the weak story.

Where to Stream: CrackleCrackleCrackle

Hollywood Shuffle (1982) 88%

Critics Consensus: Hollywood Shuffle overcomes budgetary constraints with sharp humor and infectious energy, heralding the arrival of an exciting new filmmaking talent in the bargain.

Where to Stream: Vudu

The Karate Kid (1984) 88%

Critics Consensus: Utterly predictable and wholly of its time, but warm, sincere, and difficult to resist, due in large part to Pat Morita and Ralph Macchio’s relaxed chemistry.

Where to Stream: Crackle

Pi (1998) 88%

Critics Consensus: Dramatically gripping and frighteningly smart, this Lynchian thriller does wonders with its unlikely subject and shoestring budget.

Where to Stream:  Vudu

Platoon (1986) 88%

Critics Consensus: Informed by director Oliver Stone’s personal experiences in Vietnam, Platoonforgoes easy sermonizing in favor of a harrowing, ground-level view of war, bolstered by no-holds-barred performances from Charlie Sheen and Willem Dafoe.

Where to Stream: Vudu, YouTube

Roger Dodger (2002) 88%

Critics Consensus: The movie could have benefited from a more experienced director, but a great cast and script overcome any first time jitters the director may have had.

Where to Stream: Vudu

The Secret Garden (1993) 88%

Critics Consensus: The Secret Garden honors its classic source material with a well-acted, beautifully filmed adaptation that doesn’t shy from its story’s darker themes.

Where to Stream: Vudu

To Die For (1995) 88%

Critics Consensus: Smart, funny, and thoroughly well-cast, To Die For takes a sharp – and sadly prescient – stab at dissecting America’s obsession with celebrity.

Where to Stream: Crackle

Arizona Dream (1993) 87%

Critics Consensus: Inscrutably strange, yet undeniably compelling, Arizona Dream is anchored by magnetic performances from Johnny Depp and Faye Dunaway.

Where to Stream: Vudu

Battle Royale (2000) 87%

Critics Consensus:  Battle Royale is a controversial and violent parable of adolescence, heightening teenage melodrama with life-or-death stakes.

Where to Stream: Vudu

Chef (2014) 87%

Critics Consensus: Chef‘s charming cast and sharp, funny script add enough spice to make this feel-good comedy a flavorful — if familiar — treat.

Where to Stream: Vudu

Coherence (2014) 87%

Critics Consensus: A case study in less-is-more filmmaking, Coherence serves as a compelling low-budget calling card for debuting writer-director James Ward Byrkit.

Where to Stream: Vudu

Fearless (1993) 87%

Critics Consensus: This underrated gem from director Peter Weir features an outstanding performance from Jeff Bridges as a man dealing with profound grief.

Where to Stream: Vudu

Junebug (2005) 87%

Critics Consensus: Aided and abetted by a wonderful cast, director Phil Morrison transforms familiar material into an understated and resonant comedy.

Where to Stream: Crackle

Meek's Cutoff (2011) 86%

Critics Consensus: Moving at a contemplative speed unseen in most westerns, Meek’s Cutoff is an effective, intense journey of terror and survival in the untamed frontier.

Where to Stream: Vudu

Robot & Frank (2012) 86%

Critics Consensus: Led by a brilliant performance from star Frank Langella, Robot & Frank works as both a quirky indie drama and as a smart, thoughtful meditation on aging.

Where to Stream: Vudu

Slacker (1991) 86%

Critics Consensus: Slacker rests its shiftless thumb on the pulse of a generation with fresh filmmaking that captures the tenor of its time while establishing a benchmark for 1990s indie cinema.

Where to Stream: YouTube

The Wolfpack (2015) 86%

Critics Consensus: Offering a unique look at modern fears and our fascination with film, The Wolfpack is a fascinating — and ultimately haunting — urban fable.

Where to Stream: YouTube

Goodnight Mommy (Ich seh, Ich seh) (2015) 86%

Critics Consensus: Dark, violent, and drenched in dread, Goodnight Mommy is perfect for extreme horror enthusiasts — or filmgoers who prefer to watch between splayed fingers

Where to Stream: Vudu

Bugsy (1991) 85%

Critics Consensus: Stylishly scattered, Bugsy offers cinematic homage to the infamous underworld legend, chiefly through a magnetic performance from Warren Beatty in the title role.

Where to Stream: Crackle

The Exorcist (1973) 85%

Critics Consensus: The Exorcist rides its supernatural theme to magical effect, with remarkable special effects and an eerie atmosphere, resulting in one of the scariest films of all time.

Where to Stream:Vudu

Liberty Heights (1999) 85%

Critics Consensus: A moving film with moments of humor, Liberty Heights succeeds in capturing the feel of the ’50s with great performances and sensitive direction.

Where to Stream: Vudu

Get Low (2010) 85%

Critics Consensus: Subtle to a fault, this perfectly cast ensemble drama is lifted by typically sharp performances from Robert Duvall and Bill Murray.

Where to STream: Crackle

Still Alice (2015) 85%

Critics Consensus: Elevated by a gripping performance from Julianne Moore, Still Alice is a heartfelt drama that honors its delicate themes with bravery and sensitivity.

Where to Stream: Crackle

Tucker: The Man and His Dream (1988) 85%

Critics Consensus: Though it may not be as comprehensive as some would like, Francis Ford Coppola’s cheerful biopic of the failed automotive designer features sparkling direction and a strong central performance from Jeff Bridges.

Where to Stream: Vudu, YouTube

Altered States (1980) 84%

Critics Consensus: Extraordinarily daring for a Hollywood film, Altered States attacks the viewer with its inventive, aggressive mix of muddled sound effects and visual pyrotechnics.

Where to Stream: Vudu

Hello, My Name is Doris (2016) 84%

Critics Consensus: Hello, My Name Is Doris is immeasurably elevated by Sally Field’s remarkable performance in the title role, which overpowers a surfeit of stereotypical indie quirk.

Where to Stream: Crackle

Pieces of April (2003) 84%

Critics Consensus: Pieces of April transcends its small-scale setting and budget with endearing performances, playful humor, and genuine sweetness, resulting in a touching holiday treat.

Where to Stream: Vudu

The September Issue (2009) 83%

Critics Consensus: This doc about the making of Vogue’s biggest issue and its frosty editor-in-chief is fascinating eye candy and light-on-its-feet fun.

Where to Stream: Vudu

Quick Change (1990) 82%

Critics Consensus: Quick Change makes the most of its clever premise with a smartly skewed heist comedy that leaves plenty of room for its talented cast to shine.

Where to Stream: Vudu

Oldboy (2005) 81%

Critics Consensus: Violent and definitely not for the squeamish, Park Chan-Wook’s visceral Oldboy is a strange, powerful tale of revenge.

Where to Stream: Vudu


The Assassin (2015) 80%

Critics Consensus: The Assassin‘s thrilling visuals mark a fresh highlight for director Hsiao-hsien Hou, even if its glacial pace may keep some viewers at arm’s length.

Where to Stream: YouTube

Little Children (2006) 80%

Critics Consensus: Little Children takes a penetrating look at suburbia and its flawed individuals with an unflinching yet humane eye.

Where to Stream: Vudu

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